Extract Hair Photoshop CS4 Tutorial

Extract Hair Photoshop CS4 Tutorial

In this Photoshop CS4 Tutorial, I will teach you how to extract and edit someone’s hair. The method comes in hand when you want to select the hair using Smart Highlighting filter. So this tutorial will guide you step by step on how you can change your friend’s hair color.

Complete guide on how to extract hair

Step 1 – Select the image that you would like to edit.
Step 2 – Open the image in Photoshop CS4
Right click on your image open with Adobe Photoshop.

Extract Hair Photoshop CS4 Tutorial

Step 3 – Duplicate the main layer by pressing CTRL + J

Step 4 – Desaturate the image by pressing SHIFT + CTRL + U

Step 5 – Levels adjustment (CTRL + L)
Adjust you image in order to define edges around the hair. After this step we can focus on how to extract the hair.

Step 6 – Extract hair using the Extract Filter (ALT + CTRL + X)
The image will appear in a new window where you will use the Highlighter tool (B) to cover the edges around the hair. After you have created an outline select the Fill tool (G) in order to color the areas you want to retain.
Use CTRL + / to zoom in/out
To drag the image press Space (Hand Tool)
To set the brush size press [ or ]
In order to have a well-defined edge select Smart Highlighting

Step 7 – Click Preview
To modify results use Edge Touchuo Tool (T). This tool cleans edges. Hold down CTRL to move the edge. Press 1-9 to change pressure.
Use Cleanup Tool (C) to modify results. Hold down ALT to make opaque. Press 1-9 to change the pressure.
Finally, click OK to extract hair.

Change hair color

Step 8 – Change the hair color using Hue/Saturation (CTRL + U)
Select Colorize and change the hair color.

Below are a couple of color change examples. You can choose the color that you prefer. Be creative!

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22 thoughts to “Extract Hair Photoshop CS4 Tutorial”

  1. Hi valeron,

    Great tutorial and techniques well explained, by the way you didnt provide any link to the stock image you used , is it free or a premium one, please make sure that your provide link [no matter free or premium] to the appropriate resources next time so that it will be easier to practice with…
    Thanks a lot for sharing….

  2. first of all it’s a very good tutorial, and a nice job sharing it, and I think, you should have mentioned that this tut. is for CS4, the extract plugin doesn’t exist in CS5, and it exists you should mention how to add it

    any way thanks for the nice tutorial

  3. Didn’t had the time to read the whole tutorial but by scanning through it it looks like a very good step by step tutorial. The only thing missing is the link to the stockphoto you used.


  4. It’s a good tutorial but it doesn’t work for CS5… The filter is gone in this version… You should warn about that…

  5. The only thing I would like to see is if you could do this with someone who has at least one flyaway. You did your effect well, but then again, you picked someone’s hair that was perfect and therefore easy to select. I’d like to see a tut explaining how to select hair when it is not all neat and tidy like this one.

    Still a good tutorial though.

  6. Thank u for this tut. but the Extract filter does not work with PSCS5. but you can use the “Quick selection” tool + Refine Edges to get a better output in CS5.. its far better than this technique. try it. there are good tutorials in web, explaining the technique

  7. In CS5 they modified them into “not-filter” functions. Try Selection>refine edge and tune these atributes much better than in extract filter.

  8. Great tutorial !!!
    Now I can extract or change the color of the hair very fast.
    Thanks Valeron !!!

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