Top 10 Best Photoshop Tutorials This Week 019

Top 10 Best Photoshop Tutorials This Week 019

Get inspired when you browse TutorialStorage’s Top 10 selection of Best Photoshop Tutorials. We present an amazing collection of high quality and well documented photoshop tutorials from great artists all around the world.
Enjoy and Live Inspired!

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1.Easy and Fast Guide to Create a Stunning Facebook Cover in Photoshop

The biggest social media platform Facebook allows you to change not just your profile image, but also its cover. Make your Facebook cover photo as unique as you are.

This Photoshop tutorial will help you to turn a bunch of your photos into a stunning Facebook cover. What do you need to create it? Just a few awesome images and Photoshop. By the way, this guide can be used by photographers, designers, artists, or any other creative people to showcase their works of art.

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2.Create an Amazing Summer Flyer Design

There is a heat of summer outside. Everybody are trying to take the best of the summertime. People have a rest at the sea cost, lay on the sun and organize noisy parties until dawn. As usual, the flyers for the hottest summer parties are handing out on the beach. Once I’ve looked at the flyer and decided to create something like this (maybe even better).

Note. Don’t worry about the a summer theme used here. This tutorial can be used to create absolutely any flyers (the time of year doesn’t really matter).

The tutorial was originally created not for the beginners, but for those who are already savvy with Photoshop. I do believe that everyone can do it, if you really want it. Don’t hesitate to ask any question in the comments after the post. I’ll be more then happy to help you with it. So, let’s start the tutorial and create an amazing summer flyer design in Photoshop.

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3.Drawing a Pretty Woman Portrait in Photoshop

Human portrait is never an easy task and is time consuming process. In this tutorial, it will show you some tactics for drawing a pretty woman portrait. It will go through the details for brushes setting and painting skills, so you can apply them for your own portrait.

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4.Design Abstract Text Effect with Pen Tool and Grunge Brush Decoration in Photoshop CS6

In this tutorial, I will show you the steps to design this abstract text effect with pen tool and grunge brush decoration in Photoshop. Along the way, we will practice using Pen Tool to draw some nice hair-like lines, as well as apply grunge brushsets for some cool abstract effect for our texts.
This is an intermediate level tutorial so some steps can be tricky, but why not have a try!

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5.How to Create Double Exposure Photographs in Photoshop

Double-exposure photography is becoming increasingly popular and can even be found as a built-in feature in some digital cameras. Creating your own effect in Photoshop is a simple process but it doesn’t always look great. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to easily create your own double-exposure photos and some great tricks to get perfect results every time.

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Today we will create a really cool anti-smoking concept design in Photoshop using only a few stock photo and some creative outside-the-box thinking. We will go through some interesting techniques you will definitely find useful, as well as some composition ideas.
Following this tutorial will not only learn how, but also why a specific command or set of commands are used. The same goes for the composition.

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7.Master Adobe Photoshop CC’s new photo retouch tools

The launch of Photoshop CC has seen the introduction of some major new features, including some excellent photo retouch tools and expanded Smart Object support.

Smart Objects allow for non-destructive editing, storing layers upon layer of retouching within one visible layer, rather like a family tree, to use a metaphor. When the parent image is altered at the roots (or DNA), its effects are automatically seen throughout the branches (the offspring).

Here we use the new Lens Correction, Shake Reduction and Smart Sharpen filters; and the new Camera Raw filter, which lets you adjust photos using Adobe’s Raw processing engine, rather than just as you import images.

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8.Simple Way to Paint a Human Eye

This tutorial will simply work through for a human eye. You will see step by step from drafting to painting. You will see how a proper eye to be formed. You can try to create your eye based on this method.

photoshop tutorial

9.How To Create Your Own Judge Dredd Badge Design

One of the biggest movies at the moment is the Judge Dredd remake, which is obviously the inspiration for this tutorial. Follow this step by step guide to create yourself an awesome judge’s badge design with Adobe illustrator and Photoshop. We’ll create the basic artwork in Illustrator before moving over to Photoshop for colouring and texturing.

photoshop tutorial

10.Create a Glowing 3D Text Effect With Filter Forge and Photoshop CS6

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