Impressive Artwork by Yanni Floros

Yanni Floros hyper realistic charcoal drawings

Yanni Floros is an Adelaide based artist that trained at the National Art School in Sydney graduating as a sculpture major. Since then he has shown his work around Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide and has been a finalist in art prizes such as the Dobell Drawing Prize 2010 and the Lethbridge 10000. His work extends across the disciplines of painting, sculpture and drawing and focuses on the pursuits of man and how those pursuits impact our development. He is currently working towards a solo show in the New Year.

Artist Statement

I’ve always been interested in technology, especially the design of things and the way they’re put together. It goes deeper than that, when I view humanity as a whole I have to ask ‘what is it about us that wants to make all this?’
That question affords me the ability to examine not only the ‘why’ but also the final product.
From our humble beginnings we’ve demonstrated an amazing ability for progress, we’ve wanted ‘better’ and ‘more’, technology is only a part of it, but for me and the society we live in today it’s the part accessible and relatable for everyone. As we hurtle towards an unknown and uncertain future, technology and the way we use it will become increasingly more important. It has already become so integrated into our lives that I doubt many of us could live without it. As we build more and invent more, are we helping our humanity or are we robbing ourselves of it?



National Art School, Sydney
Bachelor of Fine Art, Sculpture Major Graduate

Solo Exhibitions

Upcoming exhibition with Scott Livesey Gallery, Melbourne

‘First Cut’, Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane
Felt Space, Adelaide

Recent drawings, Brown Sugar Gallery, Adelaide

A Structured Path, 8 architecturally based steel sculptures,
28 Spring St Gallery, Sydney

Group Exhibitions

Clayton Utz Art Award (finalist)
Lethbridge 10000, Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane (finalist)
Art Melbourne 2011, Lethbridge Gallery
Yanni Floros + Ben Smith, Scott Livesey Gallery, Melbourne
Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize, Adelaide Perry Gallery, PLC Sydney

Dobell Drawing Prize, Art Gallery of NSW
Art Sydney 2010, Lethbridge Gallery
Lethbridge 10000, Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane (finalist)
General Art Prize, Brunswick St Gallery, Melbourne (finalist)
Works on Paper Prize, Brunswick St Gallery, Melbourne (finalist)
Port Macquarie Annual Easter Art Exhibition (3rd place, drawing)

Small Works 09, Brunswick St Gallery, Melbourne

Graduate show, National Art School, Sydney

Lloyd Rees Youth Art Award (finalist)


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  1. I recently purchased a framed print of an amazing charcoal of Frankenstein (why is interesting, but another story) it is marked Yanny 2001, New York City, I’m just trying to confirm the origin and artist. Any assistance is appreciated!

    1. Did you ever find anything out about your Frankenstein print? I have the same one. It is very well done. Marked Yanny NYC 2001 as well. I have not found anything anywhere about this item. My Tattoo Guy is a huge Frankenstein fan. I trade him items for ink. I hate to part with this, but if I do, I would like to know a value for trade. Thanks SG

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