how to build your own website

How to build your own website

A couple of days ago a friend of mine asked me how he can build a website for his own business. He didn’t have money to spend on a creative digital agency to do the job. All he wanted was to get it as cheap as possible. And as soon as possible too. So I took a pen and a paper and start writing down all the things he needed in order to build his website.

Build your own website

Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of things you need to do:

  1. Find a domain name
  2. The domain name is the web address where the people will go to to find your site. For example, my domain name is tutorialstorage[.]com

  3. Set up a web hosting account
  4. The web hosting is the place where you can store your website so that’s accessible to everyone online.

  5. Install WordPress
  6. WordPress is the most popular and customizable content management system (CMS) in the world. The WordPress Community is thriving and there are many plugins that can make your life much easier.

  7. Choose a new template to change the design of your website
  8. There are many FREE WordPress templates to choose from.

  9. Create a new page
  10. Add new content to your website. You don’t need to be an expert to add content. WordPress makes it very easy. That was easy.

  11. Create an email address
  12. Login to your web hosting account an add a new email address for your website (e.g

The domain name costs around $8-$9 per year. So that’s very cheap. The web hosting account depends a lot on the package that you choose. There are deals for $7.95 per month or more. Anyway, for a beginner, I recommend going for a shared hosting account. That’s because it’s cheaper, easy to maintain and sufficient for most new sites. You don’t need to think about database maintenance or security. Just focus on how to build your own website for the first time.


At my suggestion my friend went for a package that contains one free domain, free domain privacy and a WordPress free auto-installation.

The good news is that I gave him a $50 discount. Because I already had an account with Dreamhost, I was able to get a discount for new members. That means my friend got $50 in his pocket. Not a bad deal when you build your own website.

Choosing the best deal – How to get $50 off

Go to Dreamhost and open an account.

build your own website

You get no limit on traffic, storage and websites. Free domain registration with email address. Free WordPress installation and unlimited 24/7 support. All comes with 97 days money-back-guarantee. Meanwhile, most of the host companies offer a 30 days guarantee. To continue press on the button Get Started Now.

From here things become more interesting. You have to go through 5 easy steps and then you’re done.

Promo code

Also make sure you see the promo code on the top right side of your page. This is your $50 discount deal.

1. Create your account

Enter your email address and choose a password for your account. Please be careful while typing your email address because all the account details will be sent to this address.

2. Choose your domain

Choose your domain

Enter the domain you want to own and click on the magnifying glass button. Please make sure you add the domain extension (e.g .com .org

If the domain is available click on the button Register Now. Ignore the price. The domain will be free if you choose a hosting plan for one or three years.

3. Choose your plan

Choose your hosting plan - best deal

You get the best deal if you go for the 3 years plan. That’s $6.56 per month and you save 40%. But it’s up to you which one you choose. Think about your business. Do you want to test the market? Go for one year package. You know for sure your business is a long term thing. Then go for three years package.

4. Additional options

Install WordPress

I recommend to tick the box Install WordPress. WordPress will be installed for you.

5. The money part

This is the last step where you have to enter your personal details. Don’t worry. The information you entered will not be shared. Dreamhost provides free WHOIS domain privacy.


Finally click on the button Place Order Now and you’re DONE. CONGRATULATIONS! You own a domain, you registered for a hosting plan and you have installed WordPress. And don’t forget about the discount. You saved $50. Good for you!

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